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Experience how smart asset management
impacts sewage treatment performance


Dashboard insight

Get the full insight into the dashboard with your data.
You will benefit from exploring multiple graphs, accessing the data, getting alerts when danger is due to occuer and much more. Let us present you the power of the data.

Please click on the dashboard below.

Applied Icons on Dashboard are made by
srip,surang,monkik,google,freepik and turkkub from www.flaticon.com

Experience the virtual reality!

Scan the QR code or Vuforia mark and then you will immediately experience the virtual reality world. You will be taken to the sewage treatment plant container.
You will have an opportunity to see how the container looks inside, what equipment is installed.

So don't waste your time and experience the future right now!

“ So many people struggle to make this virtual experience anywhere near as good as the real environment. You will be immersed and able to interact with the 3D world ”

Real photos of the sewage treatment plant

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