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We use the power of data to optimize
people, processes and system.

Typical dataflow
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The sibyl (/'sΙbΙl'/ or /'sΙbϑl'/) were oracles in Ancient Greece.
Sibylplatform stands for complete step-by-step digital integration. Being protocol and vendor independent, Sibylplatform is specifically geared to the industrial market. Our platform is safe, scalable and future proof by design.
Under the hood, Sibyl has access to the most advanced and well known tools for big data acquisition and analysis. Complex industrial processes become intelligently manageable in a safe, clear and effective manner.
Our vision is that digitization must go hand in hand with organizational development. In doing so, we select the most suitable modules for people, processes and systems together.


We use communication protocols such as MQTT, LoraWAN, Modbus etc to transfer your data from the sensors to the servers.


We isolate, encrypt and replicate/distribute data and store it in tier 4 datacenter.


Data analysis is the process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming and modeling data with the goal of discovering helpful and useful information, informing conclusions and supporting decision-making.


By bringing together data and domain knowledge, we optimize people, processes and system. We turn your data into actionable insights.

It is all about you.

Your own ecosystem

It is located in your own datacenter of preference where you can create dashboards, augmented reality experiences, webapplications and services to help you in operational tasks.

Your data is yours

We just create value out of it.


Will my data be safe on your servers?



Will you include the daily data into the models?

Of course. The models will be continuously learning so they will be more and more precise with each new part of the data.


How are you going to predict the potential failures?

Based on the historical data, we will use Machine Learning algorithms to teach the system, when there is a high probability that the failure will occur.


How will I be informed about potential failure?

There will be an info on the dashboard and you will get an email with all the steps that should be performed to prevent the failure to happen.

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